Britney Spears - Breaking Point

In 2007, pop-star Britney Spears suffered one of the most public, high-profile celebrity breakdowns of all time. Using first-hand accounts from witnesses, this documentary reveals the sequence of events that led to that meltdown.

The film tells about the tragedy in the life of pop princess Britney Spears in 2006-2007. The singer’s marriage with dancer Kevin Federline led Brit to tragedy. The indifference of her husband, led to a nervous breakdown in the young singer. Kevin did not even come to her hospital when Britney gave birth to their sons. All this happened under the pressure of her fame and the press.

Britney started drinking and going to nightclubs with Paris Hilton. She allowed the paparazzi to photograph herself naked and without underwear. Which led to Miss Spears losing custody of the children. and Britney herself fell under the care of her father.

Now, the singer proved to the court that she was already healthy. and she can live on her own and raise her children.